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I wrote a book! It’s called ‘Home Buying 101’

Listen, I’m as shocked as you are, but there you have it: I’ve got an honest-to-goodness book coming out on February 15, called Home Buying 101. It’s published by Adams Media, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

It’s a soup-to-nuts guide to buying your first home, with practical tips on saving for a down payment, raising your credit score, qualifying for a mortgage, and, of course, the process of shopping for and buying a home.

You can read an excerpt from Chapter 7 published in Sunday’s Boston Globe: Why You Should Tour 50 Homes.

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Where to buy Home Buying 101

The book is available for pre-order from a number of places; I recommend purchasing it through, because you can select your favorite local indie bookstore and they’ll get the profits, instead of, you know… The Man. It’ll also be available at most brick-and-mortar bookstores and libraries; there’s also an ebook, and even an audiobook, I’ve heard.

Here’s where you can order Home Buying 101 online:

Thanks for reading!

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Jon Gorey • January 11, 2022

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